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First of all, Welcome to my journal!

I'll be transcribing and posting lyrics for songs I like (usually in romaji, sometimes with kanji). I will attempt to do translations in the future.

Update: Tuesday 8 January 2013, 13:23

I've been super busy throughout most of 2012 with my own life (uni and other activities) and as a result, didn't manage to fulfill a lot of things that I promised I would do for people.  Now its the new year, and I've gotten a lot of free time from finishing uni/no more exams/etc but for some reason I still have a lot of things to do (such as preparing for my study trip in Japan at the end of the month and catching up with rl friends because I didn't get much chance to throughout 2012). 

Because of that, I'm sorry if I've promised you that I would do something and have not, and that I probably will not be able to any time in the near future either (though I may possibly make an exception).  I will continue to transcribe lyrics in romaji every now and then as I have been doing so far, but translations are really difficult for me with my level of Japanese! So until I get better...

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